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How to Maintain Your Solar Light

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Do you have solar lights in or around your home and need to know how to look after them? Perhaps you're interested in purchasing solar lights and want to know how to get the best of the lamps?

This short guide will inform you on how to maintain solar lights.

Why Do I Need to Maintain Solar Lights?

Most solar lights are cutting-edge designs that minimise the need for maintenance. However, that doesn't need that you don't need to give them some love and care now and then.

Maintenance is necessary if you want your lights to last as long as possible and maintain functionality. It's easy to perform and quick to complete.

So how do you perform maintenance on solar lights?

Steps to Maintain Your Solar Lights

Here are three steps to efficiently maintaining your solar lights.

Clean the Solar Panels

Keeping the solar panels clean is the most fundamental part of maintaining your solar lights, considering they're the parts that make your light function. It would be best to give the pieces a clean around once a month to address any potential obstructions.

But how do you clean your solar panels efficiently? Here are some tips when sprucing them up.

Wash the panels with a garden hose, then detail with a cloth or sponge and soapy water
The solar panels can get hot, so the suggestion is to clean early morning or late afternoon
Use a soft bristle brush to ensure all dirt gets removed from the surface
Give a thorough rinse to ensure no soap residue remains
Dry off well, so there are no leftover water spots

Maintain the Light Cover

We want to ensure that your solar light provides the maximum illumination, especially if it's an outdoor garden lamp. That means you'll need to maintain the light cover now and then to stop it from becoming cloudy or dirty.

Get a soft cloth or sponge, soak in some mildly warm soap water, give the light cover a good scrub, and wash off the soap afterwards. Maintaining that casement will have your light looking tip-top and illuminating your spaces as they should.

Regularly Inspect for Damage

Solar lights, especially outdoor ones, are subject to the wear and tear of everyday life, just like any other product. Suppose you want your solar lights functioning at optimum. In that case, you'll need to check regularly for any damage that may hinder its brightness or performance.

Even if you don't notice any changes in the functionality of your solar light, it's worth inspecting for damage. It's better to address it before it gets any worse. Check the panels, light cover, bulbs, and wirings for any issues.

Should you discover breakages or problems with the solar lights, refer to their maintenance guide or contact the supplier about a repair solution.

Quality Solar Lights Reduce the Need for Maintenance

Solar lights are fantastic for reducing your carbon footprint and curating an energy-efficient home. However, nobody wants to spend more time maintaining their lights than enjoying them. 

Quality solar lights are built to withstand the typical wear and tear that face these lamps, both inside and out. SPV Lights is a supplier of premium solar lights and more. Should you prefer a collection that requires less maintenance, browse their quality merchandise.