SPV Lights™ | FAQs


1. Delivery Timeframe:

  • We aim to deliver your order within 3 working days.
  • If you haven’t received your order after 10 working days, please contact our customer service team at general-enquiries@spvlights.com.

2. Using Discount Codes:

  • To apply a discount code during checkout on a mobile device, click ‘View Order Summary | Apply Discount Code’ at checkout.

3. Order and Shipping Confirmations:

  • We send an immediate email confirmation when you place an order.
  • Another email is sent when your order is dispatched.
  • If you don’t receive these emails, check your spam folder. If not found, contact our customer service for a confirmation via SMS with tracking information.

4. Solar Charging:

  • SPV Lights require daylight, not necessarily sunlight, to charge. They are guaranteed to work in winter.

5. Using SPV Lights Inside a Shed:

  • Some models can be used inside a shed with a separate solar panel outside. Ensure there’s a gap or hole for the connecting cable. Check our range of Solar Security Lights.

6. How reliable are the sticky pads:

  • The sticky pads from SPV lights are designed to support solar security lights and will stick to the lights and hold them in place. Our 2-year warranty covers accidental damage related to the use of sticky pads.

7. Troubleshooting Solar Lights:

  • Allow the lights to charge for 48 daylight hours (equivalent to six days).
  • If the light still doesn’t work, visit our returns page for a pre-paid label to return the light for testing.

8. Returns and Refunds:

  • Initiate a return on our returns page.
  • Orders received within 90 days are eligible for a full refund.
  • You can request a pre-paid returns label which will be sent within 24 hours by email excluding weekends and bank holidays.

9. Extended Returns Window:

  • We’ve extended our returns window to 90 days. You can return your order within 90 days of receiving it if there’s no fault with your lights.

10. Missing Items:

  • If your order is split, you’ll find a note inside the parcel.
  • If no note is included and items are missing, please contact us for further assistance.

11. Damaged Order:

  • To return a damaged order, visit our returns page.
  • Our office will email you within 24 hours on weekdays with a pre-paid label attached.


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