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How to Maintain Your Solar Light

Posted by Aswin Leo Raja J on

Do you have solar lights in or around your home and need to know how to look after them? Perhaps you're interested in purchasing solar lights and want to know how to get the best of the lamps? This short guide will inform you on how to maintain solar lights. Why Do I Need to Maintain Solar Lights? Most solar lights are cutting-edge designs that minimise the need for maintenance. However, that doesn't need that you don't need to give them some love and care now and then. Maintenance is necessary if you want your lights to last as long as possible...

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What are the Benefits of Different Types of Solar Panels?

Posted by A Noor on

We're all looking to make our homes more energy-efficient to reduce our utility bills and minimise our carbon footprint. Purchasing solar lights is a fantastic starting point to creating a more eco-friendly property. Solar is well-known for being low maintenance and effective in energy efficiency - the core benefit of installing them at home. However, you will see a multitude of different panels available. What are the benefits of each one, and which one is best for you? What are the Different Types of Solar Panels? Let's dive into the nuances between the three types of solar panels and their...

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