UBOX Solar CCTV Security Camera – WiFi

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Are you looking for a simple yet effective security camera to help protect your property? The UBOX Solar Security Camera could be the answer. This clever solar powered security camera lets you monitor your property in real time whenever someone approaches. And because it’s solar powered, you can position this camera in a wide range of settings – even those without a power supply, giving you many more options than with a traditional wired security camera.

You’ll gain a view of any location, on your phone, simply by screwing the light into position. With a motion sensor, it begins recording when someone approaches your property and you can even save screenshots or recordings for future use. There’s also a microphone and speaker so you can hear visitors and speak to them – perfect for those times when a delivery arrives and you’re not home.

Everything is integrated with the app so you have all the data you need at your fingertips and can keep an eye on your property, even when you’re miles away. The app also lets you share the camera view with friends and family, if you choose.
As it’s powered by solar energy, you don’t need to wire this security camera, so it’s a cost-effective and easy way to gain the security you need day or night.   

Where to use
This solar powered security camera is easy to install on a wall so you can use it in any areas where you need added security. You can even use this security camera on buildings without a power supply, thanks to the solar power technology, giving you a view of any location, delivered straight to your phone. Use at home to see who is approaching your front door or position in your chosen spot to keep an eye on garages, sheds, or gardens. This solar powered camera is also perfect for work environments such as offices or workshops – helping you protect your business, no matter where you are.

How it works
This security camera is powered by solar energy and works day or night, rain or shine by storing up energy throughout the day. This makes it a smart choice if you want all the benefits of a security camera but without the cost and fuss of using wires, cables and power supplies. And of course, with solar power, there are no energy bills to worry about.

Infrared technology allows you to see what’s going on at night-time and the camera has a 355°-degree rotation 90°-degree tilt and so you can see people approaching your property from almost any angle in 1080p (full high definition).
When the sun shines, the light captures natural energy to store in the camera’s battery. The camera only activates when someone approaches the property so helps to save energy and data storage when there’s nothing to monitor.

These lights are designed to work in a range of climates and will charge even in cloudy conditions but for extra peace of mind, there’s also a handy USB charging point which you can use to give an extra boost of charge when you need to.

Installation of this solar powered security camera is so easy. In the box you’ll find the camera, solar panel, bracket and screws along with full instructions. Remember, there’s no need for wires or a power supply – so you’ll be able to set up your new security camera quickly and easily.
You can position the solar panel and camera together – or if you wish to place them separately (for example, if you’d rather put the solar panel in a sunny spot and the camera in a more shaded position), you can purchase an extra bracket and cable separately to easily do this.

Once you’ve fixed the solar panel and camera in your chosen spot, just download the app (available in both the App Store and Google Play) and this will walk you through all the set-up process so you can tailor the camera and app to your own specific needs.

The camera connects to your home Wi-Fi and the images gathered can be stored on your phone or saved to the cloud (the camera comes with one month’s free cloud subscription to get you started).


  • Includes 1 x dome camera, 1 x solar panel, 1 x solar panel bracket, user manual, app instructions and screws
  • You’ll need a smart device, Wi-Fi and access to the internet to use this camera
  • Features a motion sensor to activate the camera when people approach your property
  • As no power supply is required, this camera gives much more flexibility than a traditional camera
  • Save images and video recordings to your phone or to the cloud
  • Includes a speaker and microphone to communicate with visitors to your property
  • Features infrared technology for night-time use
  • Camera has a 355°-degree rotation
  • Battery type 18650 / capacity 3200mah per piece (x6)
  • No need to connect to mains
  • No electricity costs, this security camera charges using power from the sun
  • Designed for year-round outdoor use
  • Easy installation – no DIY skills required
  • Waterproof and weather resistant
  • Designed to meet the SPV's Standards
  • 2 year guarantee
Detach the solar panel from the camera using an extension lead and bracket (sold separately).