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Swirl - 16 LED Solar Wall Light

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SPV Lights – Swirl Solar Motion Light

There’s nothing more reassuring than a welcoming light to guide you safely to your door after dark. The Swirl Solar Motion Light gives you the peace of mind that you and your family will reach the house safely and confidently – even on a dark winter’s night.

For added reassurance and security, the Swirl emits a constant soft light from one bulb at all times after dark. Then when motion is detected, the Swirl's powerful 16 bulbs illuminate – providing a bright light that’s equivalent to a 50-watt bulb, to guide you to your door safely and securely. And with the Swirl, there’s no need to rush – the lights remain on until 30 seconds after motion stops, ensuring you are safely inside before automatically returning to a gentle glow.

The Swirl also boasts stylish good looks and will enhance any path, driveway or garden.

The solar panel sits conveniently on top of the light, making it incredibly easy to install and use. The Swirl's solar panel charges the light’s batteries during daylight, storing the energy for use after dark. Enough energy is stored to activate the light when motion is detected up to 250 times a night.


No electricity costs

Rechargeable batteries supplied

Emits a constant glow for additional reassurance

See 'Product Features' for extended list


The Swirl Solar Motion Light comes with full instructions and is quick and easy to install straight from the box. All the fittings you’ll need are included and because there is no separate solar panel, installing the Swirl takes just a few minutes