Edge Solar Powered Fence & Decking Lights (Set of 8)

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These solar lights are not only excellent value, they're very versatile and can be fitted anywhere from fences, walls, sheds to decking boards. The colour and size of the casing blend very well with any type of surroundings.

The light charges during the day and comes on automatically at night using a clever built-in sensor to detect when it’s dark.

If you're looking for solar lights that are excellent value, subtle and complement your outdoor space well, then the Solar Powered Fence Lights are your perfect choice.


Installation is so simple everything you need is provided in the box. You don’t need to find an electricity supply and no specialist DIY skills are required.

Simply affix the light and panel using the screws provided or Sticky Pads (sold separately).


8 x Solar Fence Lights


Wall plugs


Cool white (5000k)


7.3 x 3.7 x 2.8 CM

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