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Olympia Solar Flame Torch Lights - Flicker Flame LEDs (Set of 2)

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There’s something so magical about the beauty of a flame. Hypnotic and atmospheric, flames draw the eye and create a stunning focal point for outdoor areas.

But lighting your garden with real flames isn’t always practical or safe. That’s what makes our Olympia Solar Torch Light so special. It recreates the attraction of a flame but is completely safe and easy to use.

The casing of this solar garden light produces a dramatic look with its black colourway and grill design. The patterned motif adds extra interest, creating an attractive solar light that looks amazing in any garden.

When switched on, the ‘flame’ can be seen inside, emitting a realistic flicker and glow – just like the real thing. With three lighting modes to choose from, you can opt for a lively flicker, a steady glow, or a fading glow to create your preferred effect.

The Olympia Solar Torch Light is ideal for adding interest and a warm glow in any outdoor area. Use one, or invest in several to create a stunning display, perfect for creating an atmospheric back-drop when entertaining in your garden.

Solar powered and wireless, this solar light not only looks amazing but is so simple to install and use. 

Where to Use
With its elegant design, the Olympia Solar Torch Light can be used in a host of spots around your garden.

Use to add a welcoming glow to entranceways and paths. Or use in lawns, flowerbeds and borders to create an eye-catching light display.

With its pole and spike, it’s easy to position wherever you choose. And with three different lighting modes, you can tailor the effect to your own preference.

How it Works
Solar power has quickly become the easiest and most efficient way to add light to any outdoor space. It’s cost-effective and with no electricity required, it’s practical and kind to the environment too.

During daylight hours, the solar panel unit harnesses energy from the sun, storing it, ready to use after dark. When the sun goes down, the light will automatically switch on and then turns off again automatically in daylight.

There are no electricity bills to worry about and no plugs or sockets to find. Just put your light in position – and let the sun’s energy do the rest!


Installing your new Olympia Solar Torch Light really couldn’t be easier. Simply push the spike into the ground to position the light in your chosen spot.

You can choose your preferred lighting mode simply by pressing the button.

In the box you'll find two Olympia Solar Torch Lights (batteries included), two poles and two spikes, plus instructions.


  • Overall Height: 780mm (including spike)
  • Height: 605mm (above ground after installation)
  • Diameter of light head: 121mm
  • Diameter of pole: 24mm 


  • 96 LEDs per light
  • No need to connect to mains
  • No electricity costs, charges using power from the sun
  • Designed for year-round outdoor use
  • Easy installation – no DIY skills required
  • Waterproof and weather resistant
  • Automatically turns on and off
  • Includes on/off switch
  • Three lighting modes to choose from
  • Designed to meet the SPV Standard
  • Up to 10 hours run time
  • 2-year guarantee