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Metalika Solar Wall Light with PIR Sensor (Set of 2)

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Our latest wall light is a stylish and practical solution for illuminating your outdoor space. Housed in a high-end polished metallic casing, this light carries six super bright LEDs that provide bright and reliable lighting.

The clever design of this light means that not only is light emitted downward to guide you on your way home, but there is also a narrow gap through the body of the light for 180° coverage. This is useful when trying to find your way to the door at night while avoiding trip hazards.

This light charges during the day and comes on automatically at night using a built-in sensor to detect when it's dark. Alternatively, you can set the light to only come on when the motion sensor detects movement within a 5 metre range. This makes it convenient to use and helps to deter burglars.

With its sleek and stylish design and super bright LEDs, this light appeals to everyone. The LED colour temperature is cool white (6000k), and the light measures 10.6 cm in width at the top of the casing and 9.7 cm at the bottom. The height of the light is 8.2 cm. Overall, this wall light is a great choice for adding some light and security to your outdoor space.