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Infiniti Stainless Steel Solar Wall Light (Silver Edition)

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Stylish, modern, effective: the Infiniti solar wall light makes a fantastic addition to your outdoor space. Attach to an external wall or rain gutter and enjoy the attractive light that provides security and peace-of-mind where you need it most.

With three light modes, you can tailor the light to suit your own preferences. Use it to provide constant illumination in the garden for evening entertaining. Or choose the sensor mode to create a movement-activated light that deters would-be intruders from your property. Or opt for a combination with a constant gentle light that brightens when movement is detected.

Save Energy 

Due to skyrocketing energy prices it’s more important than ever to save energy. A mains powered 100W LED light with 8 hours daily use consumes 292 KWh per year - the average cost for this amount of energy comes in at £55.

Solar Wall Lights from SPV Lights, using energy from the sun, offers 8 hours of lighting per daily charge with no maintenance cost.

Where to use

Where will you use the Infiniti solar wall light? With its simple design and elegant looks, this solar powered garden light looks stylish in a wide range of settings. It’s easy to attach to a wall or rain gutter so you can choose where to place it for maximum effect. Use close to patios or decks, or position near an entrance, driveway or path. It also offers a useful way to add extra security close to a garage or shed.

This versatile light lets you choose between constant illumination, a light that comes on when motion is detected, or a constant light that brightens when it senses movement.

How it works

Solar powered lights generate and store energy during the day, ready to use at night. It’s the simple, cost-effective, eco-friendly way to add lights to your outdoor spaces. And once you’ve chosen your preferred mode, the light will automatically turn on and off as required. So after installation, you don’t need to do anything further – just enjoy your light.

This light has a round solar panel – strategically placed on top to capture as much of the sun’s energy as possible, even on a cloudy day. Then when darkness falls, the light is ready to provide illumination for up to 10 hours.


We’ve made installation as straightforward as possible with this lightweight Infiniti stainless steel solar wall light. Simply press the on/off button to select your preferred lighting mode. Then screw to your chosen wall or rain gutter using the fixings provided. The solar panel is already in the optimum position – so you’re ready to go!


Product Dimensions: Approximately 16 x 16 x 18 cm


  • Set includes a solar powered LED wall mounted security light with wall fixings
  • One button operation to easily switch between modes
  • Select from 3 different modes:

Mode 1: Will automatically light in dark conditions.

Mode 2: Dim Light Sensor Mode which automatically turns on a constant dim light in darkness and then turns to a bright light for 15-25 seconds when motion is detected. Mode 3: A Strong Light Sensor Mode which turns on a bright light in darkness when motion is detected and lasts for 15-25 seconds.

  • Stylish design – the contemporary design will look elegant in any setting
  • Charge time – around 6-8 hours. Provides illumination for up to 10 hours
  • No electricity costs, this solar powered light charges using power from the sun
  • Designed for year-round outdoor use
  • Easy installation – no specialist skills required
  • Waterproof and weather resistant
  • Designed to meet the SPV Standard
  • 2-year warranty