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Halo - Plastic Solar Spotlight with 7 Colour Changing LEDs

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Add a targeted burst of colour and light exactly where you need it with this versatile solar powered outdoor spotlight lamp. It may have a super-simple design, but you get lots of options with this clever garden light.

The spotlight rotates through 7 different colours to add atmosphere and beauty to your garden or outdoor spaces. See it circle through red, green, blue, yellow, ice blue, pink and white. Want to stick with your favourite colour? No problem! Simply press the ‘on/off’ button while your desired colour is displayed, and it will remain on that colour until you press the button again.

Where to use

With 7 large LEDs, the light is bright enough to create a bright light that you can focus on a particular area. You could use it to light up a garden path or doorway or use in your garden to draw attention to a floral display or garden feature at night.

The light comes with screws so you can mount it on a wall or fence. Alternatively, use the stake provided to place the light close to the ground – for instance in a lawn, large planter or border.

How it works

Solar powered lights are the easy way to add a touch of brightness to your garden. With no wires, cables or electricity bills to worry about, they’re simple, versatile and cost-effective.

During the day, the solar panel unit captures energy from the sun and retains it for use later. Then when evening falls, the light automatically turns on, giving you a beautiful lighting effect with no need to remember to turn the light on.

The lights are designed to work in a wide range of different climates so will even charge up on a cloudy or dull day. This makes them the ideal way to light your garden at any time of year.


It’s so easy to set up this solar powered outdoor light. You can choose whether to mount it on a wall using the fixings included or simply insert into the ground using the stake included. The solar panel and spotlight are both on possible arms so that you can position them at the desired angle. Press the on/off switch to turn the light on. When charged, the light will rotate through 7 different colours. Or you can press the button once to set it to your chosen colour. Once set up, you don’t need to do anything extra – the light will simply come on when it’s dark and turn off automatically during the day. 


Each light measures approximately: 190mm (with light facing forwards). The solar panel measures approximately 150mm high. The stake measures approximately 180mm tall.


  • Set includes a solar powered spotlight lamp with wall fixings and ground stake
  • Automatically changes colour, rotating through red, green, blue, yellow, ice blue, pink and white
  • Option to set light to remain on one colour
  • No electricity costs, this solar light charges using power from the sun
  • Designed for year-round outdoor use
  • Easy installation – no specialist skills required
  • Waterproof and weather resistant
  • Designed to meet the SPV Lights Standard
  • 2 year guarantee