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Dandelion Solar Fairy Lights - 30 Multi-Colour LEDs

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Add a kaleidoscope of colours to your outdoor haven with the Multi-Colour Dandelion Solar Fairy Lights! These captivating lights boast 30 vibrant LEDs in an array of colours, all powered by the sun for an energy-efficient and eco-friendly glow. Nestled within dandelion-shaped covers, these lights create a dazzling and romantic ambiance when lit.

Ideal for any outdoor event, these fairy lights offer easy installation without the need for electrical wiring. Simply place them in a sunny spot, and the solar panel takes care of the rest. They automatically illuminate at night and turn off during the day to recharge, ensuring hassle-free operation.

With a lengthy and flexible wire, these lights are versatile, allowing you to adorn trees, drape them over pergolas, or infuse a whimsical touch into your garden. Designed to withstand the elements, the lights are waterproof and resilient, making them suitable for year-round use.

Elevate the charm of your outdoor spaces with the captivating hues of the Multi-Colour Dandelion Solar Fairy Lights – a magical addition to your outdoor decor!


LEDs Measurement Battery Set
30 6.5m 600MAH 1