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Colour Changing Dragonfly Solar Lights (Set of 2)

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Add a touch of magic and color to your outdoor areas with this set of beautiful solar-powered dragonfly lights. Each light features an elegant dragonfly design that looks like it's hovering above the water, bringing a nature-inspired touch to your pond or water feature.

But that's not all! These versatile lights can also be used as a table light or as a floating light in your pool. The clever design of these lights makes the dragonfly the focal point, while the solar-powered unit is tucked away discreetly below. These lights are designed to highlight the natural features of any space as they rotate through shades of green, blue, orange, white, and red, creating a magical atmosphere all year round.

These lights are easy to use and require almost no setup. Simply place them in a sunny spot for an initial charge, and then switch them on using the button on the base. You can place them in their final position and enjoy the effect without worrying about wires or cables.

Waterproof, weather-resistant, and designed to meet the SPV Lights Standard, these lights are perfect for year-round outdoor use and come with a 2-year guarantee for your peace of mind. Whether you're entertaining guests or simply enjoying a peaceful evening outside, these dragonfly lights are sure to bring a touch of elegance and beauty to your outdoor areas.

Where to use

Designed to float on water, these lights are an easy way to add a burst of colour and light to a pond, table or any outdoor space. The elegant design emphasises the beauty of the dragonfly while the solar powered unit is tucked neatly away below. The pretty lights will add interest to your pond and garden as they circle through the different shades of red, yellow, green and blue.

How it works

These lights are the fuss-free way to add lighting your outdoor space. Because they are powered by solar energy, they give you dramatic lighting without any wires or cables to worry about.

The light’s solar powered unit gathers the sun’s energy to charge up during the day. Then when evening arrives, the light automatically switches on. These clever lights are designed for all-year use and will charge up even on a cloudy day.


So simple to use - these lights need virtually no set up. Just place them in a sunny spot for their first charge before turning on using the button on the base. Choose where you want to display the lights and you’re ready to go.


Each light measures approximately: 80 x 120 mm


  • Each set includes either 2 solar powered lights in a dragonfly design
  • Automatically changes colour, rotating through red, yellow, green and blue
  • No need to connect to mains
  • No electricity costs, these solar lights charge using power from the sun
  • Designed for year-round outdoor use
  • Easy installation – no DIY skills required
  • Waterproof and weather resistant
  • Designed to meet the SPV Lights Standard
  • 2 year guarantee