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200 Multi-Colour LED Solar Fairy Lights

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With a mass of colour and exceptional brightness, these gorgeous multi-coloured LED solar fairy lights are just the thing to add a magical touch to your garden, patio or balcony.

So easy to use, they bring outdoor spaces to life and are perfect for large gardens or smaller terraces. Whether you’re looking to create a party atmosphere or simply want to brighten up a dark garden, these beautiful fairy lights are a great choice.

With reds, blues, greens and yellows, you can choose between a static light display or for something a little more fun and dynamic, flick the switch to create a flashing display for a really eye-catching effect.

Where to use
The great thing about these fairy lights is that they come with 200 lights and 22 metres of cable, so there’s plenty to make a really special display. Stretch them out to create a pretty border around large gardens or cluster the lights together to create interesting effects in smaller spaces.

The lights are perfect for creating a special atmosphere for summer parties and barbecues but are just as lovely throughout the darker months, providing a splash of colour and brightness throughout autumn and winter. The great thing is, because you don’t need to worry about electricity costs, you can use these lights all year round.

How it works
Using solar power, these lights capture energy from the sun’s rays. This means you don’t need to plug them in and there’sno electricity costs. Solar power is kind to the environment and kind to your wallet!

In the daytime, the integral solar panel harnesses power from the sun to charge the batteries. Then as it gets dark, the lights will come on automatically and remain on for approximately eight hours before charging automatically again the next day.

Once installed, you don’t need to do anything as the lights will turn on and off automatically. However, there is a manual control if you prefer to choose when the lights come on and off.

Our solar powered lights are designed particularly for the UK climate so will still charge even on a rainy or cloudy day.

Installing your solar powered fairy lights couldn’t be easier. Simply position the solar panel unit using the stake provided and angle the unit towards the sun. Then use the simple button control to decide whether you would like the flashing sequence or constant light effect.

You can then have fun, hanging or draping the lights to create a fabulous and colourful display wherever you choose. From fences or tree branches to decking and planters, the options are endless.


  • Cable measures 22 metres in length - cable length of 2.2 metres between solar panel and first LED bulb


  • 200 Multi-Colour LEDs
  • Stake mount provided
  • Two lighting modes – all the bulbs constantly on, or all the bulbs flashing
  • No need to connect to mains
  • No electricity costs – charges using power from the sun
  • Designed for year-round outdoor use
  • Easy installation – no DIY skills required
  • Waterproof and weather resistant (water resistance rating: IP44)
  • Designed for UK climate
  • Automatically turns on/off at dusk and dawn
  • On/off switch if you prefer to control manually
  • Designed to meet the SPV Lights Standard
  • CE/ROHS Certified
  • 2-year guarantee included