128 LED Solar Security Lights (Pack of 2) - 3-in-1 Sensor, Constant, Combination Lighting

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Small but powerful. This neat and lightweight solar powered outdoor wall light adds brightness and security where you need it most.

With a range of options, you can tailor the light to suit your needs. Choose from 3 different modes with 180° movement detection and different brightness settings.

The movement detection means you can set the light to come on when anyone approaches. This makes it perfect for using in areas where you need a little extra light or security – for example near to doors and paths.

Where to use

This light is ideal for using near doors and will provide illumination on dark evenings when you need extra light to see front doors, pathways, steps or entrances to a garage or shed.

It also makes a great security light that provides peace of mind – lighting up when people approach your property (with a 180° movement detection and a 3-5 metre range). The light comes with screws and fixings so that you can attach it to a wall.

The solar panel is angled toward the sky to capture energy. Meanwhile the 128 LEDs are spread across 3 sides of the light to cast illumination effectively.

How it works

This clever solar powered LED wall light makes illuminating your outdoor areas easy. There are no wires or cables and once it’s in position, you can just leave the light to do its thing. It will come on automatically at night, activating when a person approaches, dependent upon the mode selected.

Using free and sustainable energy from the sun (even with overcast weather), solar power is an affordable and energy-efficient choice. The light includes a solar panel which gathers energy from the sun. This energy is stored until it is needed, and the light comes on automatically at night. It will even charge on an overcast day so it’s great for using throughout all seasons.


  1. Mode 1: Medium Light Mode which automatically turns on a medium light in darkness
  2. Mode 2: Dim Light Sensor Mode which automatically turns on a constant dim light in darkness which turns to a bright light for 15-25 seconds when motion is detected
  3. Mode 3: Strong Light Sensor Mode which turns on a bright light in darkness when motion is detected and lasts for 15-25 seconds


It’s easy to install this solar powered LED wall light using the fixings included. The solar panel and light are already angled to the optimum position. So, all you need to do is press the on/off switch to select your preferred mode and brightness. Once set up, the light will simply come on when it’s dark and turn off automatically during the day. 

You can either fix the lights on a wall or fence using the screws provided or most surfaces using Sticky Pads (sold separately).


2 x 128 LED Solar Security Lights

Wall fittings (screws and wall plugs), alternatively you can fix to the wall using Sticky Pads (sold separately)


Each light measures approximately: 115 x 112 x 48mm.


  • Set includes a solar powered LED wall light with wall fixings
  • No electricity costs, this solar powered light charges using power from the sun
  • Designed for year-round outdoor use
  • Easy installation – no specialist skills required
  • Waterproof and weather resistant
  • Designed to meet the SPV Lights Standard
  • 2 year guarantee

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